Welcome to Vanguard! We are a boffer steampunk fantasy fusion game geared towards making the player feel epic from the start. That seems like a mouthful, but in truth, you get to be what you want to be, in whatever way you want to be.

Our game mechanics use a classless system allowing any player to take any skill, provided they have the requirements. You want to throw fireballs *and* be good with a sword? No problem!

A Steampunk setting means a lot of things to a lot of people; to us it means you can dress in a lot of cool ways, and we can mix our fantasy stories with an Old West feel or Victorian zombie hunting stories. A broad scope is allowed for any given character to be unique.


The game takes place at beautiful Camp Ginger Cascades in Lenior, NC. We have heated cabins in the winter, fans in the summer, electricity in all cabins, showers on site, multiple kitchens, and some food service each game.

2090 Scout Rd, Lenoir, North Carolina 28645


Our game takes place roughly a thousand years after the end of the last Age. Technology has grown, and the world has shrunk as travel has expanded beyond foot and hoof.

The Empire has recently fought a great war against a wolf-like race called the Varn; this has depleted their fuel reserves. They are now at peace with the Varn, and even friendly, but both have expended huge amounts of fuel known as Source.

Source is a fuel that can’t be explained in simple words; it is found as strangely glowing blue stones when mined. It can be used to move an airship, power a boomer, or even make a simple sword into a mechanical wonder. Both Nations demand more.

To aid in this, the Faith--the largest landowner in the Empire--has for the first time in over 500 years opened up the Dragon’s Spine Mountains to be mined. Therein is a wealth of Source, with fame and fortune awaiting those ambitious enough to try.

The main base for mining is a town known officially as Jacob’s Spire. Recently it has been plagued by strange creatures and events the likes of which have not been seen in a millenium, and has earned the name, at least to some, Jacob's Demise.

You and dozens of others who comprise the Vanguard have made your way to this town, for better or for worse, seeking adventure or riches or intrigue...or something yet to be discovered.

Are you brave enough to claim your destiny?