The fast, safe and simple way to keep your passwords secure

With Inclave you'll never forget a password again. Log in to all your favorite sites with just two clicks


Your all-in-one identity management solution

Biometric login

No need for passwords! Use your face or your fingertip to log you in.

Click-Click and you're logged in

Log in fast with passwords saved to Inclave.

Secure from intruders

Complete visibility over your account usage. See who when and where. Get notifications of suspicious activity.

Secure your accounts against attacks

Your passwords are safe with Inclave's encryption so no one else can access your important information.

Protect what's important with Inclave

1 in 15 people are victims of identity theft every year. Donโ€™t be a statistic, protect yourself with Inclave.

Clicking instead of typing means your password is not exposed

Master password keeps everything safe

Save unlimited sites or services

Email alerts for suspicious activity

SMS alerts for unauthorized access

EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE Inclave goes with you wherever you are.

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7
Compatible with Mac OS